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News From The National Meetings

2010 Spring ACS National Meeting

The program and abstracts for the 239th National Meeting in San Francisco are now available. Download your copy and check out the list of speakers and topics for the City by the Bay. Topics include:

Advances in Conformational Sampling (Oral)
Drug Discovery (Oral)
Generalized Ensemble Simulation Methods (Oral)
Molecular Mechanics (Oral)
Molecular Pharmaceutics (Oral)
Quantum Chemistry (Oral)
Scripting & Programming (Oral)
Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift (Oral)
Chemical Computing Group Excellence Award (Poster)
Hewlett-Packard Scholar Awards (Poster)
Poster Session (Poster)

See you in San Francisco

Jeffry D. Madura & Emilio Xavier Esposito
Programming Chairs for the COMP Division

Program Abstracts for the 238th National Meeting

The program and abstracts for the 238th National Meeting in Washington DC. Download your copy and check out the list of speakers and topics for DC.

Program Abstracts for the 237th National Meeting

The Program Abstracts for COMP programming at the 237th National Meeting in Salt Lake City (March 22 through March 26) have been posted. Over 225 papers were presented during the week covering a wide range of topics. Abstracts for past meetings from 1998 through 2009 are also available.

Free Access to Selected ACS Nano Presentations from American Chemical Society National Meeting in March 2009

The theme for the just-concluded Salt Lake City national meeting was Nanoscience: Challenges for the Future. Many of the world's foremost nano experts gave talks, and permitted the American Chemical Society to record and post these presentations on the ACS website.

In all, over 30 nano presentations (audio and slides) can be found by visiting (click on Nanoscience box in right margin).

ACS would like to know what you think about this effort to make content like this available on-line. There is a short survey on the pages hosting the presentations where you can provide your feedback.

The program for the 238th National ACS meeting has been posted as well as the Abstracts for the COMP Division.


Sponsors for COMP's programming
at the 238th ACS meeting
in Washington D.C.

News From The Regional Meetings


Please join the Computers in Chemistry (COMP) division and the Auburn local section for our hands-on "Instant Supercomputer!" workshop at SERMACS 2009 in Puerto Rico October 21-24, 2009 ( Volunteers are encouraged to bring their laptops to build a one-day instant supercomputer using custom bootable CDs that allow them to work in parallel. The workshop presents a unique opportunity to do "public science" to solve a current research problem with a real time audience, rather than disseminating prior results. Short presentations will introduce the concept behind large-scale computational chemistry and ad hoc cluster building. All attendees are welcomed to keep the CD to build their own personal clusters. For more information please contact Orlando Acevedo at orlando.acevedo AT

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