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Presentation Tips

When presenting research results, at an ACS national meeting or any forums, a few tips from veteran presenters may come in handy.

  • A 20 minute time slot means a 15 minute talk

  • 7-10 slides are appropriate for a 20 minute time slot

  • Watch the use of color (some colors on black are difficult to read)

  • Practice with the laptop ahead of time, especially if you are using a borrowed machine

  • Be sure to have a back-up with you - hard copy, overheads, a keychain USB drive

  • Arrive at your session room early and introduce yourself to the session chair

  • Practice hooking up your laptop before the session

  • Speak up so people can hear you

  • Keep an eye on the session chair, who will signal when your time is about to end

  • Acknowledgements should be short

  • Don't switch between the LCD projector and the overhead projector more than once

For more tips, start with the following web sites:

How not to give a presentation - (Requires Registration)

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