Why Should I Join the COMP Division?

Individuals interested in the use of computers as tools to solve problems in chemistry and related physical and biological sciences are invited to join the COMP Division. Although the primary focus of the Division is theoretical and computational chemistry, the scope of the Division is broad and interdisciplinary.

COMP includes: artificial intelligence, experimental design, and molecular modeling in the fields of agrochemicals, materials science, medicinal and organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, polymers and theoretical chemistry.

The Division monitors developments in computer hardware, software, and networking and keeps its members informed of new applications in chemistry via symposia and workshops at the National Meetings. The Division promotes undergraduate and graduate student participation and in particular provides travel grants for graduate students to present their work at National Meetings. The COMP division currently has almost 3,000 members.

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Career advancement through professional development and networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to present papers at National and Divisional Meetings
  • Access to abstracts of papers presented at the National Meetings
  • Recognition for your contribution to the advancement of chemistry
  • Educational and professional opportunities
  • Renewed enthusiasm for your professional goals
  • Scientific and technical idea exchange that spark new and exciting directions in your work
  • Access to the latest trends in areas of special interest
  • Input on upcoming symposium topics
  • Early notice of upcoming events
  • Personal copy of Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry
  • 30% discount on books from Oxford University Press
  • Discount on subscriptions to the Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling

Become a new COMP Division member or change your membership status by using the on-line form or calling 800.333.9511. Membership dues are currently:

ACS Member $16.00
Retired/Emeritus* $16.00
Student Member** $7.50
Division Affiliate $18.00
National Affiliate $18.00
Outside US, add $8.00 for postage

* Who is eligible for EMERITUS STATUS in your Division? Members who have retired from industry or academia.

** Who qualifies for STUDENT Dues? A person in a Degree-seeking program. Post Doctoral Work is not eligible for the student discount.

The 2009 Dues form is available for download as either a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the Division of Computers in Chemistry. The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by the American Chemical Society. Please address all comments and other feedback to the the COMP Division.

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