The Computers in Chemistry Division
Fall 2001 Minutes from the Executive Committee

Chicago, Illinois
August 25, 2001, convened at 4:30 PM


A.J. Holder (Secretary, JMGM Editor/Liaison), C. Breneman (Treasurer), P. Jurs (Councilor), M. Francl (Councilor), P. Gund (Councilor), R. Wheeler (Program Chair), D. Boyd (Guest), W. Cornell (Vice Program Chair), S. Kenner (Newsletter Editor), E. Wezenbeek (Elsevier Representative), P. Jackson (Elsevier Representative), T. Gund (Alternate Councilor). A. Tropsha (Alternate Councilor), J. P. Bowen (Past Chair), W. Jorgensen (Chair-Elect), A. Rusinko (Alternate Councilor), L. Balbes (Website Programmer), G.Famini, (Guest), P. Grootenhuis (Guest).


D. Spellmeyer (Chair)

Note:David Spellmeyer's plane from San Diego was delayed and the meeting was conducted by W. Jorgensen.

JMGM Representatives

Egbert Wezenbeek and Patrick Jackson from Elsevier Science made a short presentation regarding the association between JMGM and the Division. (Attachment 1). They departed after the presentation. Some key points:

Andy Holder is COMP Editor as on May 1

Only 14 members of COMP take advantage of the reduced subscription rate.

There is a possibility of electronic subscriptions for ALL COMP members at a reduced rate. Several will examine this in detail.

Andy Holder requested that the Division give him time to put JMGM on firm ground.

Backlogs have largely been relieved by aggressive publishing 9 issues in 2001. The initial backlogs were largely created by the significant number of special issues over the past two years.

The Division must decide on renewing the association in November for another period of time. Elsevier is willing to renew. It was determined that in the absence of the Chair and e-mail vote would be conducted.

San Diego Minutes

Minutes from San Diego Meeting were approved unanimously.

Secretary's Report

Membership stands at 2863 as of May 31, 2001. This represents a 7.3% increase over 2000 membership.

We are a medium-sized Division: 13 are larger and 19 are smaller. Average Division membership is 3470.

Election will close on September 6, 2001.

Election Results (Editor's Note: results added after Executive Committee Meeting):

Chair-Elect: P. Grootenhuis (114)
M. Head (108)

Secretary: J. Evanseck (159)
S. Toba (60)

Councilor/Alternate Councilor: M. Francl (126)
H. Jensen (84)

Treasurer's Report

Over the past several years, the Division's tax status has changed due to the amount of money flowing through each year. CB has discovered that tax returns should have been filed for several years and were not. The IRS will probably fine us $15,000. Stay tuned for details as the situation clears itself up. There was widespread appreciation for Curt's work in this matter.

Assets:We appear to be in good shape financially, and can afford the expected fine. See the attached financial report (Attachment 2) for details.

There was discussion about money flow through the Division and the IRS and ACS implications of such items as solicited donations or contributions. It was reiterated that ALL monies should pass through Curt/Treasurer.

CB made a presentation to Division officers earlier today describing our tax experience. It appears that others may be in the same difficulty.

Program Chair's Report

The Division's programming is strong and getting better. (See Attachment 3 for planned and organized symposia.)

Ralph also noted some difficulties with one of the symposium organizers going outside of regular COMP/ACS channels for reservations, funding, and publicity. This was attributed to enthusiasm, but it was decided that Ralph Wheeler should update the instructions to symposium organizers document on the web site and see that it was in the hands of all future organizers. (After the EC Meeting but during the ACS Meeting: This same organizer reshuffled talks after being informed that this was against ACS policy.)

Councilor's Reports

Michelle Francl noted that some Sections and Divisions are in financial trouble and a special task force has been setup to distribute the "stop gap" funds approved at the last Meeting. No mechanism has been determined as yet that will effectively balance fairness with need.

MF noted that there were a number of ByLaws changes before the Council, mostly minor in nature. Also, Organic will object to the creation of the Lab Automation Division on the grounds of too much separation. The newly proposed Division will bring about 2000 new members to the Society from an outside professional group.

Peter Jurs is on the publications committee and noted that the current editor of JCICS will be retiring in 2003. He suggested that the Division attempt a closer relationship with them again. It was decided that he would draft a trial balloon letter and distribute it by e-mail to the EC for approval. Peter Gund noted that any method to increase publication options for members was a good step.

PR Chair Report

Shawn Kenner reported that she was a bit frustrated by what the PR Chair for a Division should do and that the ACS PR Workshop did not help much. She asked for help in defining her role. She also distributed a pamphlet in support of a symposium (same as above discussed in Program section) that was prepared by a company. There were some questions as to the propriety of including the ACS logo with company logos, and MF will raise the issue with DAC and Michael Shea. SK did do an excellent job in getting the press release disseminated for the CCG winners.

Website Report

Lisa Balbes reported that she is willing and able to add more to the website as directed. She has added a link for discount purchase of Reviews in Computational Chemistry and will perhaps add one on more detailed meeting information. There was no hit information available and she will add a counter for the front page.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10PM

Respectfully submitted,
Andrew J. Holder, Secretary

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