The Computers in Chemistry Division
Spring 2000 Minutes From the Executive Committee Meeting

San Francisco, California - March 26, 2000


J. P. Bowen (Chair), G.R. Famini (Past Chair), D. Spellmeyer (Chair-Elect), A.J. Holder (Secretary), C. Breneman (Treasurer), M. Francl (Councilor), P. Jurs (Councilor), P. Gund (Councilor), T. Gund (Alternate Councilor), A. Rusinko (Alternate Councilor), M.D. Ryan (Program Chair), R. Wheeler (Vice Program Chair), S. Kenner (Newsletter Editor), D. Boyd (JMGM Editor/Liaison)


D. Dolata (Alternate Councilor)

Opening Comments

Roll Call

New Orleans Minutes

Minutes from New Orleans Meeting approved.

COMP Division Fiscal Report

See Attachment 1*. Summary: The Division has current assets of $153,989 based on our current position in the ACS Investment Pool. Expenses for one year vary, but are about $40,000 for current activities. Income from dues and other sources is roughly equivalent to our expenses.

If we wish to withdraw funds from the Investment Pool, 3 month's lead time is required.

There were two elections in 1999, so the expense for that year was doubled.

Elsevier promised to pay for AV equipment for last two meetings. Don Boyd and Curt Breneman will follow up. (About $8-$16K)

Program Update

See Attachment 2 for Washington symposia and topics for future meetings.

A brief discussion of the importance of separates to our membership followed. The lateness of posting this time irritated many members, as the booklets were received only a few days before the meeting. Michelle Francl noted that there is discussion about moving to web-based separates ONLY. The Executive Committee (hereafter EC) was generally not in favor of this idea.

A question was raised about sending the newsletter in a different mailing from the abstract separates. It was generally agreed that this was not now needed, but that expanded content in the future may make it a good idea.

Ralph Wheeler will assume responsibilities as Program Chair beginning at the Washington Meeting. The Chair expressed thanks on behalf of the Division to Dominic Ryan for his past service in this role.

New Membership Drive

It was suggested that COMP make overtures to the membership of the Molecular Graphics and Modeling Society for co-membership and that we allow co-members one free year of membership in COMP. Phil Bowen will also discuss the possibility of co-sponsoring symposia with MGMS.

Membership Committee - The EC determined to establish an ad hoc Membership Committee that will be chaired by the Chair-Elect with members to be appointed by the Chair.

Partnering with other Division for Joint Interdiscplinary Sponsorship

    It was suggested that we have a loose regular partnering plan for rotating joint sponsorship of symposia with selected other Divisions (MEDI, PHYS, etc). Responsibility for coordinating could be alternated between the cooperating Divisions. Some discussion ensued, with those in favor approving of a general structure to act as a reminder and incentive for regular collaboration. Also, the point was made that cosponsorship would lead to increased attention to our programming. Those opposed felt like the plan would excessively bind the program chair's options for scheduling.

    The possibility of an incentive plan for reduced dues for joint membership between COMP and another Division was also discussed.

    It was unanimously approved that action on both items be deferred for further study and the development of specific proposals until the Washington meeting.

    Travel Fellowships for COMP

    Chemical Computing Group (CCG) has offered to support graduate student travel stipends at $10K/year + an MOE license (to the research director of the winning students). A preliminary contract has been forwarded to Curt Breneman. Discussion followed on several contractual items. While other companies are not allowed to support students under COMP's aegis, the agreement explicitly acknowledges the ability of COMP to directly support additional students. Also, the Division's mailing list cannot be provided as part of the agreement. COMP will determine the winners of the awards. It was also suggested that the winning students get a free one-year membership in COMP.

    The EC felt that the full contract should be sent to ACS legal counsel before signature. Curt Breneman will negotiate with CCG and Peter Jurs will develop criteria and guidelines for the award.

    The motion to approve passed unanimously with 2 abstentions.

    JMGM Update

    Due to a significant number of good submissions, JMGM is catching up this year on old issues. About 15 MSs /quarter are needed for a steady publication rate. The submission rate is increasing nicely, see Attachment 3.

    Strategic Planning Committee: Belmont Retreat

    It was suggested that a long-range planning retreat focused on the future of the Division be conducted. The Chair will appoint an ad hoc committee for this purpose and arrangements will be made by e-mail for a meeting prior to the Fall ACS meeting. The EC unanimously approved paying for travel expenses for the ad hoc committee.

    Public Relations Contact

    Andy Holder was appointed the Public Relations contact for the Division. He will attend special ACS training at ACS expense.


    ACS is seeking a sponsor for the ACS Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research (The overall cost to support the award is $10,392 each year). For commercial sponsors, ACS wants several years of financial commitment up front. Various officers will investigate sponsors.

    Division By-Laws

    It was suggested that for the sake of continuity the Chair should serve for two years instead of one after the current Chair's tenure. This item requires a change in our By Laws and was referred to the strategic retreat.

    COMP Division Web Page

    Lisa Balbes has an initial cut at the web page and is willing to update it and maintain it on a fee basis. The EC determined to ask her for a bid and will vote on its acceptance by e-mail.

    COMP Division Candidates

    Phil Bowen has not yet gotten two candidates for Chair-Elect. Alex Tropsha and Peter Jurs will run for Councilor. Upon completion of the slate, names will be forwarded to the EC for approval.

    New Business

    DAC has $20K available for Divisional enhancement grants.

    Any directories published by the Division are on a specific grant of permission or an "opt-in" basis only.

    Adjourned at 7:35PM

    All Attachments were distributed as hard copy at the meeting and have been retained in the official minutes.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Andrew J. Holder, Secretary

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