The Computers in Chemistry Division
Fall 1999 Executive Committee Minutes

New Orleans, Louisiana
August 21, 1999


Philip Bowen (Chair Elect ), C. Breneman (Treasurer), F. Brown (Past Chair), D. Boyd (JMGM Liaison), G. Famini (Chair), Peter Gund (Alternate Councilor), Tamara Gund (Guest), A. Holder (Secretary), P. Jurs (Councilor), Chuck Reynolds (Guest), Andrew Rusinko (Alternate Councilor), D. Ryan (Program Chair), R. Wheeler (Program Vice Chair).

Secretary's Report

Minutes from Anaheim Meeting approved by acclamation

Treasurer's Report / Financial Items

Basic summary presented (attached to hard copy and distributed at meeting).

Division is generally doing well. A CD has matured and will be placed in another interest-bearing instrument.

A previous checking account is being kept open until a CD matures.

Some accounts are still being converted for signature authority to current Division officers.

Treasurer suggests retaining $25,000 in the checking account and the remainder in interest-bearing accounts. The Cmte.'s consensus is that the Treasurer should move in the direction of placing all Divisional investment funds in the ACS Investment Pool, but a final decision on distribution of funds among accounts is to be left to the Treasurer.

GF noted that we have received significant revenue from symposium books and encourages further activity in that direction.

Councilor's Report

ACS is being more aggressive in bringing out new journals. The newly introduced J. of Combin. Chem. has some interest for members of the division.


Notes from the Program Committee are attached.

New Orleans Meeting:ACS is changing policy on Divisions paying for computer projection in favor of providing such facilities. Some or all of our sessions will have computer projection equipment made available.

San Francisco Program:Session programming is largely set. An extensive program is planned, with roughly 30 half-day sessions. 21st Century Symposium will be run in SF and each Division will have a session on what the Division's area of specialization will look like in 30 years. (David Dixon will organize this symposium for COMP.) Presidential event will reinforce the theme. A special event will be hosted on Saturday at the Exploratoreum (SF science Museum) with emphasis on chemistry aspects.

A short discussion proceeded concerning the posting of presentation content on the web being a form of prior publication in conflict with later journal articles an author may submit. It was generally accepted that if access was limited (see below under "Web Page" discussion), then this problem could be circumvented.

ACS will also be sponsoring small vertically oriented meetings. The Committee expressed concern about the considerable possibility of dilution of effort by these initiatives of the Office of Technical Programming and Conferences. Special short-term funding is provided for OTPC to become self-sufficient. Unless it is able to do so, the program will be cancelled.

Washington: An Emerging Technologies Symposium will be conducted and a prize awarded for the best idea presented from the papers submitted. The Poster Session.Reception will be coordinated with the Symposium to enhance interest and attendance. Don Boyd will organize the symposium. There was further discussion about making the prize a yearly continuous award and hosting a supporting symposium each year.

Some discussion ensued about appointing a successor to D. Ryan at the end of next year. He suggested a four-year cycle: Yr 1. Funding chair; Yrs 2., 3. Programming; Yr 4. Archivist/Analyst.

The Program Committee proposed policies for software vendors and other commercially affiliated organizers concerning the organization, content, and speakers lists of symposia. The policy is will be placed on the Division's web page and included in letters to organizers. Organizers will be directed to make each speaker aware of the policy. The Committee discussed and amended the document into its final form as attached. Peter Jurs moved acceptance, seconded by Frank Brown. Vote: Unanimous.


JMGM is continuing to improve. This year, 21 papers have been submitted and were or are being processed. A submission rate of 1 per week would healthier. None of the current papers is from COMP programming. COMP members need to be encouraged to used JMGM more frequently.

D. Boyd has been approaching symposium chairs to arrange papers for special issues. This is likely a better outlet for small groups of papers than an ACS book.

Special issues are forthcoming: QM/MM; the 30th anniversary of Eiji Osawa's paper on C60; and carbohydrate modeling.

Shauna Farr-Jones has accepted an appointment as editor of the news section (News and Views) of JMGM.

D. Boyd has created a home page for JMGM with instructions to authors, recent editorials, a list of the editorial board members, and other information. He has a link to the COMP divisional home page and a link from the latter to the JMGM home page needs to be added. The URL is

Procedures Manual

In an environment of significant turnover of officers and other personnel, a procedure manual is needed. Chuck Reynolds was asked to codify his collected experience and wisdom in a first pass at such a manual. ACS has combined other Divisional manuals into a recommended format and he will use this as a guideline.

Webpage Migration to ACS Server

We have a page! It currently contains newletters and other assorted info. Later plans call for various types of technical content to be available by password access as a benefit of membership of the Division. DR will spend $5,000 of previously allotted COMP funds along with internal SKB money to get the webpage in good shape.

Northern Illinois webpage should be closed down. DR will contact Steve Bachrach to make sure that a link is established.

There was a attempt to get a Member Directory on the web page at one time. DR will ask M. Francl where this stands.


1999: Results of the 1999 Election are as follows:

David Spellmeyer (180)
Donald Phelps (65)
Peter Gund (161)
Tamara Gund (78)

Strategic Plan

GF and Chuck Reynolds will work on this and report.

Divisional Awards

Student Awards:Previous guidelines from Peter Jurs were distributed. This info will be circulated to officers and discussed in San Francisco.

Service Award:We need guidelines for a Divisional Service Award before it can be bestowed upon some worth individual.

New Business / Other Topics

Recruiting EffortsCINF has a table at meetings to encourage membership, and perhaps we should do the same. GF will ask Division Activities if a brochure can be prepared as a recruiting tool. It was suggested that we have a membership committee. Ideas to build membership are the provenance of such a committee. Phil will report back to the Committee.

Elsevier has contacted us concerning the computational chemistry program library that Computer Physics Commun. has in its possession. They would like to make it available to COMP members at a nominal fee. GF will get more information and let the Executive Committee know more about the content and any strings that may be attached.

A question was raised about the infrequency of Executive Committee Meetings. GF noted that conference calls have been used in the past when items required more timely attention than allowed for by the ACS Meetings. It was also suggested that the Chair send more regular e-mail communications for action items to those responsible for carrying out tasks.

Adjourned at 4:58PM

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew J. Holder, Secretary

Revised 9/8/99

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