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The COMP Together Initiative has been created to promote networking among our members. The COMP Together tools can be used to arrange 'Birds of a Feather' meetings and seminars, schedule local meetings and seminars, or simply to connect COMP members who have similar interests. If your area is not listed, you can leave the question of Please register my profile for the following areas blank and nominate your local area under Special Requests with suggestions on who would be suitable local champions for this area.

Please note: The tools on this site are not a replacement for the LinkedIn and Facebook sites. The COMP Division has a presence on both of these social networking sites and suggests that COMP members register on these in addition to the COMP Together site.

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Please send notices for events in the following categories:  
Local Scientific Event
  Mentoring events
(limited to students, postdocs &
scientists who are starting their careers)
Meeting with visiting scientists   Local networking events

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High Performance Computing
Ligand-Based Drug Design
  Molecular Mechanics/Dynamics
Structure-Based Drug Design
Force Fields


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