COMP Together Goal & Contact Information


The COMP Together initiative was developed in response to the COMP Division’s strategic plan where one of the key goals was defined as “Strengthen the community of computational chemical scientists by providing opportunities for networking and career growth and by enhancing outreach”. The COMP Together initiative supports this goal by facilitating gatherings of COMP members on a local and informal level including seminars, networking events, mentoring lunches. This is achieved through a set of newly developed web-tools and a network of local champions. There are currently 9 local areas where the initiative has launched and 17 champions who have started to work on planning events in those areas. The list of areas and champions is included below.

Getting involved

  1. Register for the COMP Together network and attend events of interest:
  2. Help organize events: indicate your willingness to help out or to become a local champion on the registration form.
  3. Propose new events or volunteer to be a speaker.* The format of events will vary for the different local areas and each area will probably use a couple of different formats throughout the year. Proposals for presentations or new events should be sent to the local champions of the area you target for the event.
  4. Sponsor this initiative with funds to cover meeting expenses. Contact the COMP treasurer or a local champion for a specific area you want to sponsor.

Contact information

Local AreaChampionsContact Information
San Francisco Bay AreaHanneke
San DiegoPatrick
Northern New JerseyEd
New York CityChris
Southern New Jersey/PANeysa
Washington DC/VASamual
Research Triangle ParkRachelle

*As a general principle, all areas are looking for presentations with high scientific content. Some areas may be open to product demonstrations but this may not be true for all areas, depending on the make-up of the local computational chemistry community and their stated preferences. Please check with the local champions about this.